Bright Now Dental Savings Plan

Dental Solutions has designed the Bright Now Dental Savings Plan to provide you with access to the best dental care possible while saving hundreds or even thousands off your annual dental expenses.

Included in Your Plan:
  • 2 hygiene appointments per year (includes exam and x-rays)
  • 2 emergency exams and x-ray
  • NO deductibles, yearly maximums, missing tooth clauses or waiting periods.
  • No Claim Forms
  • No Pre-Authorization Requirements
  • No Pre-Existing condition limitations
  • No Waiting periods--Immediate eligibility
  • No ID card, no group or member number.
All of your membership information will be kept on file with our office. Your effective date is the day you pay your premium and renewal date is the same every year.

How to Sign Up
The Dental Solutions Bright Now Dental Savings Plan is an annual, reduced fee, dental plan that allows individuals and families—just like yours—to receive dental services from our office at prices to better fit today's economy.

Fill out the application and submit along with premium payment and you're effective immediately to start receiving benefits and discounts for your dental needs. It is that SIMPLE!

Individuals, spouses, and dependents are eligible (children 17 and under). Children may be members only with adult members. –you state 17 and under on the other for, 18 and older require their own plan.

Benefits begin IMMEDIATELY!

Diagnostic and X-Rays Member Discount
  • Comprehensive Exam (new patient) 100%
  • Periodic Exam (2/year) 100%
  • Limited Oral Exam (2/year) 100%
  • FMX or Pano (1 every 3 years) 100%
  • Periapical X-Ray (unlimited) 100%
  • Bitewing X-Rays
  • (1 per year adult--2 per year for child) 100%
  • Preventative
  • Child Prophylaxis (Cleaning 2/year) 100%
  • Adult Prophylaxis (2/year) 100%
  • Additional Cleanings 15%
  • Fluoride 100%
  • Sealants 15%
  • All Other Procedures
  • Fillings 15%
  • Crowns/Veneers 15%
  • Periodontal Treatment/Maintenance 15%
  • Dentures/Partials 15%
  • Tooth Whitening 15%
  • Oral Surgery/Extractions 15%
  • Root Canals 15%
  • Dental Implants 15%
  • Orthodontic Treatments 15%
  • All Other Services 15%

Savings Plan Options
  • Individual Plan - $550/year
  • Dual* Plan - $825/year
  • Family (3)* Plan - $1300/year
  • Family (4)* Plan - $1550/year
  • $225 each additional family member
  • Your Dental Solutions Bright Now Savings Plan cannot be combined with insurance, financing plans, or any promotional offer.
*Parent/Child or Spouses Only

Plus Save 5% When You Auto-Renew
Never worry about visiting the dentist again. When you sign up for auto-renewal on your Savings Plan, you'll get 5% off the following year's plan!

Program Limitations and Exclusions:
  1. This plan cannot be combined with any other special offer or discount.
  2. The dental plan cannot be used in conjunction with a dental insurance policy.
  3. This plan is only good at Dental Solutions. Therefore, if you are referred to a specialist, they will not offer the discount/program.
  4. This plan is only good at Dental Solutions. Procedures performed in the hospital, hospitalization, or hospital charges of any kind will not be covered under Bright Now Dental Savings Plan..
  5. Dental Solutions Bright Now benefits cannot be transferred to other family members.
  6. Does not cover loss or theft of any prosthetics. –
  7. Annual membership dues are non-refundable.
  8. No refunds will be given if patient does not to use their dental plan.
  9. This is a dental discount plan and is NOT a dental insurance.
  10. When Care Credit financing is used the amount of the discount will decrease by 10%.
  11. All payments are due at time of service to receive discount. Any services rendered that are not paid for at the time of service will be billed at the regular price without discount.
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