Your Dental Warranty coverage gives you the peace-of-mind that the investment you've made in your oral health and appearance is protected no matter where you are or what happens. Here's what you should know about the coverage your Dental Warranty provides.
  • "No cost" coverage means that you can receive up to 100% of the original value of the treatment to use towards a repair or replacement.
  • "Follows your smile" means that if you move or have a dental emergency while traveling, your warranty will be there to protect you. Dental Warranty will work with any dentist, but if you are moving, we suggest that you ask your original dentist or Dental Warranty Corp to recommend a new dentist. Make sure to save your warranty certificate to show a new dentist.
  • "Constant Assurance" means that you are protected regardless of whether your current dentist continues to practice or not.
  • "No-fault" means that your warranty protects the work even if you have an accident, or damage is caused some other way.
For example, let's say you receive a $1000 crown. A few months later, you are chewing on popcorn, and your crown breaks on an un-popped kernel. Return to your dentist for an exam as soon as possible, and your dentist will receive up to $1000 to go towards a repair, a replacement, or additional treatment.

Your warranty protects you for an extended amount of time. To find out how long your warranty lasts, see the front of your warranty certificate.

Dental Warranty covers the procedures listed on your warranty certificate up to the Total Treatment Cost.
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